FX3 Netflix Approved

As a result of massive firmware update 2.00 that enables timecode, Cine EI and a number of other noteworthy improvements, the FX3 has joined the coveted list of Netflix Approved cameras. This is the first time we recall seeing the Ninja V mentioned in connection with a Netflix Production Guide, meaning that recording ProRes RAW externally to a compatible Atomos device is not only perfectly acceptable, but required for HDR. In the Production Guide, it is also made abundantly clear that the mighty FX3, like its sibling the a7s III, outputs 16-bit raw, in spite of baseless claims to the contrary by CineD. The development practically guarantees the use of the FX3 as a B-cam on high-end productions alongside Sony’s other cinema cameras. As much as they pretend not to care, the news is also certain to push the angry little trolls in the Blackmagic forums over the edge! 🤣

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