Venice 2 Rolling Shutter Crushes It

The German website Slashcam, currently testing the Venice 2, had nothing but superlatives for its rolling shutter performance, pronouncing it the very lowest they have ever measured for a non-global shutter, leaving the competition in the dust.

“When measuring the rolling shutter reading times, Venice pushed us to our limits. Or to the limits of our measurement method. Because this currently only works up to about 2 ms valid and it took not only a lot of patience, but also some luck to confirm our measurements several times. But for this we got to see figures that we would not have expected in 2022 with a full-frame cine camera:

To read the entire 8K-3:2 sensor with all pixels (8640×5760) at 24-30 fps, the Venice 2 only needed an astonishing 3.9 milliseconds. If you use the 8K sensor in usual 16:9/17:9 formats with 4320 lines at 24-50fps, the readout time is further reduced to 2.9 milliseconds. Inexplicably, however, there is an outlier here: At 60p, the sensor is only read out at this frame rate with a very average 14.4ms.

It gets even better in the S35-6K window, because here the sensor at 5792 x 3056 photosites could be continuously at 24-60fps in 2.1 milliseconds (!) read out. At the latest, these are values that can make a global shutter sensor superfluous for almost all applications. The best values of the entire competition with rolling shutter sensors are still at least three times higher at 4K-S35 reading (March 2022).

We had already expected a perfect 4K debayering, but we were also surprised by the Venice 2 8K as a new, absolute rolling shutter reference, which currently leaves the entire competition without a global shutter sensor behind”. (Google Translate)

For comparison, the Arri Alexa Mini LF measured 7.4ms at 3840 x 2160 25p and the Sony a7s III registered 8.7ms full frame.

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