BRAW Toolbox

BRAW shooters who work in Final Cut Pro will be happy to learn that Chris Hocking has developed an app that allows the user to import BRAW files natively into the NLE with audio and full metadata. Says Hocking: “Coming Soon! I got bored waiting for Apple or Blackmagic to add BRAW support for Final... Continue Reading →

Portrait Displays Acquires Patterns™, World’s First HDR-Compliant MacOS Test Pattern Generator

Accuracy is important, very important. Whether creating or consuming content having an accurate image ensure’s the artist’s intent is as intended. Photography, Visual Effects, Editing, Color Grading, Web Surfing, ect. Color makes a difference. Patterns™ is designed to test the system, not just the display. The app is designed to work in the color spaces... Continue Reading →

A Few More Changes to Komodo Post Workflow

We've made a few more changes to the RED Komodo post-workflow, including adding Rec.2020 ST2084 (P3-D65 Limited) for those working with a display calibrated to P3-D65, such as the MBP (2021). From the DaVinci Resolve user manual: Gamut Limiter Lets you limit the gamut to a specified standard. Useful in situations where the delivery color... Continue Reading →

Apple News

Apple is expected to announce updates to the 14” and 16” M1 Max and M1 Pro MacBook Pros featuring the more powerful M2 silicon chip any day now. Prices of last year’s models are at their lowest ever, with discounts ranging from $200-$700 depending on the configuration. Supposedly, the new M2 Max and M2 Pro... Continue Reading →

Cosplay in HDR

A cosplay video by YouTuber Flannel Ninja that most assuredly takes advantage of HDR’s extended color palette and brightness, shot with the Canon EOS R5 C and quite possibly graded on an LG OLED. NSFW YouTubers have an advantage over multi-million dollar productions in that they don’t have an executive producer looking over their... Continue Reading →

RED Face Detect AF Shows Promise!

We gave the face detect AF feature on the RED Control app another shot this afternoon, and it surpassed our expectations! In order to work properly, at least until face tracking is enabled in the Komodo with the next firmware update in December, it’s necessary to focus first, then select Face Detect in the app.... Continue Reading →

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