BRAW Toolbox

BRAW shooters who work in Final Cut Pro will be happy to learn that Chris Hocking has developed an app that allows the user to import BRAW files natively into the NLE with audio and full metadata. Says Hocking: “Coming Soon! I got bored waiting for Apple or Blackmagic to add BRAW support for Final... Continue Reading →

Portrait Displays Acquires Patterns™, World’s First HDR-Compliant MacOS Test Pattern Generator

Accuracy is important, very important. Whether creating or consuming content having an accurate image ensure’s the artist’s intent is as intended. Photography, Visual Effects, Editing, Color Grading, Web Surfing, ect. Color makes a difference. Patterns™ is designed to test the system, not just the display. The app is designed to work in the color spaces... Continue Reading →

A Few More Changes to Komodo Post Workflow

We've made a few more changes to the RED Komodo post-workflow, including adding Rec.2020 ST2084 (P3-D65 Limited) for those working with a display calibrated to P3-D65, such as the MBP (2021). From the DaVinci Resolve user manual: Gamut Limiter Lets you limit the gamut to a specified standard. Useful in situations where the delivery color... Continue Reading →

Apple News

Apple is expected to announce updates to the 14” and 16” M1 Max and M1 Pro MacBook Pros featuring the more powerful M2 silicon chip any day now. Prices of last year’s models are at their lowest ever, with discounts ranging from $200-$700 depending on the configuration. Supposedly, the new M2 Max and M2 Pro... Continue Reading →

Cosplay in HDR

A cosplay video by YouTuber Flannel Ninja that most assuredly takes advantage of HDR’s extended color palette and brightness, shot with the Canon EOS R5 C and quite possibly graded on an LG OLED. NSFW YouTubers have an advantage over multi-million dollar productions in that they don’t have an executive producer looking over their... Continue Reading →

RED Face Detect AF Shows Promise!

We gave the face detect AF feature on the RED Control app another shot this afternoon, and it surpassed our expectations! In order to work properly, at least until face tracking is enabled in the Komodo with the next firmware update in December, it’s necessary to focus first, then select Face Detect in the app.... Continue Reading →

Memory Colors, Not Accurate Colors

“Several studies show that we all have similar expectations of colors of certain objects. Grass is green, the sky is blue, bananas are yellow. However, those expected colors differ from the actual, real colors, as most objects are perceived brighter and more saturated than they really are (Smet et al., 2014). In fact, people mostly... Continue Reading →

GDU Armored Lenses

GDU's armored lenses look sick! The manual focus ring and external switches have been removed and the exterior has been fortified with an indestructible armor. AF and iris can be controlled via the RED Control app or through the camera's own user interface. The 50mm and 16mm are available to order now, but at double... Continue Reading →

RED Control Pro

The greatest camera control app in the industry just got even better - but we’ll stick with the free vesrsion! 😅 Join the RED TECH LIVE crew Thursday Oct 13th at 10am PDT as they introduce and breakdown the new RED Control Pro app.

Phil Holland’s panSpeedCalc

We’ve spoken bunches about how the traditional 7-second panning speed rule for 24 fps with a 180° shutter angle (assuming 2K 48-nit projection) quickly falls apart on today’s displays with higher resolution, contrast and brightness. As it turns out, Phil Holland has just shared his new 𝗽𝗮𝗻𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗲𝗱𝗖𝗮𝗹𝗰 app, writing, “Likely my last tool of 2022... Continue Reading →

Red IPP2 Creative LUT Pack

RED's website has a collection of 25 free creative LUTs developed by Phil Holland and Eric Weidt (Mindhunter) that contain no conversion of color space or linearity, meaning that they can be used in both SDR and HDR workflows. The LUTs may be copied to a CFast card and imported into the Komodo or imported... Continue Reading →

MiniLED Update

In November of last year, LED Inside published a “Summary of 34 Mini LED Notebooks/TVs/Monitors Available in the Market”, along with resolution, size, number of dimming zones, release date and price (2019-2021). According to a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants, for Q4 2021, Apple sold more MacBook Pros with Liquid Retina XDR display than... Continue Reading →

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