GDU Armored Lenses

GDU’s armored lenses look sick! The manual focus ring and external switches have been removed and the exterior has been fortified with an indestructible armor. AF and iris can be controlled via the RED Control app or through the camera’s own user interface. The 50mm and 16mm are available to order now, but at double or triple the asking price of the originals, these puppies are expensive!

Photo: Phil Holland

Phil Holland writes:

“Been field testing these little guys for a minute. GDU is rehousing Canon RF lenses in an aluminum protective shell and this is an evolution on the previous EF body type. The 50 and 16 are available now, but hoping we’ll see 24, 35, and the 85 in the near future. Got a lot of love for the smaller Canon glass, some rival rather expensive lenses in their performance. The GDU housing is solid yet shockingly lightweight considering the metal. Love the 50mm prime’s close focus too. In fact the 35, 50, and 85 would make a slick trio in that regard.”

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