Sony a7R V: Reviewers Know Which Side Their Bread Is Buttered On

Several camera review websites are bending over backwards trying to justify the added expense of the a7R V. The question is, why?

“The A7R V will have a body-only price of $3,899 / £3,999 (around AU$7,150). That’s a little more than the Sony A7R IV’s launch price in 2019, which was $3,500 / £3,500 / AU$5,699, although that’s to be expected given the inflation we’ve seen since then.” – techradar

“The Sony a7R V will be available from late October at a recommended price of $3899, body only. This makes it $400 more expensive than the Mark IV was, at launch (itself a more expensive camera than its predecessor), though supply chain shortages and inflation will account for some of that increase.” – DPReview

“By the way, if compared to the previous model, its introductory price is slightly higher by $400, which is on par with many other companies who are trying to keep the prices of their newer models around the ballpark of their predecessors. Riding on the same “price for value train of thoughts”, it can be that for some…” cineD

It’s almost as though they’re reading from a prepared script. Gotta keep those advertising dollars coming in, I suppose.

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