A Few More Changes to Komodo Post Workflow

We’ve made a few more changes to the RED Komodo post-workflow, including adding Rec.2020 ST2084 (P3-D65 Limited) for those working with a display calibrated to P3-D65, such as the MBP (2021). From the DaVinci Resolve user manual:

Gamut Limiter

Lets you limit the gamut to a specified standard. Useful in situations where the delivery color space is a large gamut such as Rec. 2020, but the QC specification requires limiting to a smaller gamut such as P3, in order to limit the amount of saturation allowable in the final output. This is a limiting operation, so out of bounds values are hard clipped. This plug-in can be used regardless of whether or not Resolve Color Management is enabled. Because it’s a limiter, it should probably be one of the last operations in any node tree to prevent useful image data from being clipped.

To see what difference if any limiting saturation makes, download the Rec.2020 and P3 Limited clips and see for yourself!

And for those concerned about whether or not P3 Limited works in YouTube, here are the uploads:

To really know whether the differences are visible, it’s necessary to capture some super bright, highly saturated colors. There’s a Halloween cosplay event taking place next weekend which should give us the opportunity to do a more meaningful comparison.

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