RED Face Detect AF Shows Promise!

We gave the face detect AF feature on the RED Control app another shot this afternoon, and it surpassed our expectations! In order to work properly, at least until face tracking is enabled in the Komodo with the next firmware update in December, it’s necessary to focus first, then select Face Detect in the app. At least, that was our experience. Turning away can make it lose focus, so to ensure the best results, we looked directly at the camera. We used RED’s free “Process” creative LUT as our viewing LUT, then applied the same look in post to make colors more vibrant. What’s so awesome about RED’s free creative LUTs for IPP2 is that you can use the same LUT to monitor in SDR on your smartphone while sending an HDR signal out over HD-SDI to your HDR monitor, something that next to no other LUTs can do.

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