Portrait Displays Acquires Patterns™, World’s First HDR-Compliant MacOS Test Pattern Generator

Accuracy is important, very important. Whether creating or consuming content having an accurate image ensure’s the artist’s intent is as intended. Photography, Visual Effects, Editing, Color Grading, Web Surfing, ect. Color makes a difference.

Patterns™ is designed to test the system, not just the display. The app is designed to work in the color spaces you work in. While other solutions may test a single path, Patterns™ is designed to test many; after all, your web browser may be in sRGB but that movie you’re color grading could be in P3-D65, ST 2084, so why would you only calibrate or test sRGB?

Pleasanton, CA – Portrait Displays, global leader in color calibration solutions and advanced display control, has acquired Patterns™, the premiere video test pattern generator for macOS. 

As pioneers in color accuracy, Portrait Displays is always in pursuit of forward-thinking innovations to aid creatives in their storytelling processes. Developed by world-class providers of calibration services to studios, post-production facilities, and visual effects houses, Patterns™ is in perfect alignment with Portrait’s mission to provide optimized and precise color solutions. 

Patterns™ by Portrait Displays is the first and only macOS test pattern generator to support High Dynamic Range (HDR) on the market. The application uses the latest Metal APIs to support both SDR and HDR color spaces, including (but not limited to) sRGB, BT.709, Adobe RGB (1998), DCI-P3, and HDR in both P3 and BT.2020. It provides users with the tools to validate accuracy throughout the entire system, from the built-in MacBook Pro or iMac Displays to an external device. 

Patterns™ for Mac is backed by the immense power of the famed Aurora Color Engine, thus best utilized when paired with Portrait Displays’ Calman® color calibration software. The Aurora Color Engine will characterize and calibrate a device as it behaves within the macOS color management environment. An ICC profile is generated that includes accurate colorimetry of the measured display and a 1D LUT grayscale calibration. By creating an ICC profile, not only will the device be color accurate to a single-color space, but it will also be color accurate in all working color spaces. 

“For decades, we have ensured the artistic intent of creators is maintained through calibration services. With all the optimization tools available throughout the production process, however, there was still a gaping hole in macOS,” explained Patterns™ originator, David Abrams. “Whether using a built-in display, an external display, or both, there wasn’t a solution that could quantify and calibrate both the system and display to instill the confidence creatives demand through validation until now. Patterns™ for Mac really scales from something apparently simple to actually being really remarkably sophisticated with our customizable patterns via the web user interface and color space options that include HDR. Patterns™ represents a complete revolution in the way we think about a pattern generator, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it evolve under the Portrait family of calibration solutions.”

“The addition of Patterns™ for Mac to the Portrait Displays product line is so exciting for our company,” commented Jason Ramirez, Director of Product Management, Portrait Displays. “The application is a strong evaluation tool by itself, but combined with the Calman® Aurora Color Engine, it becomes a gateway for extremely accurate calibrations.”

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