Red IPP2 Creative LUT Pack

RED’s website has a collection of 25 free creative LUTs developed by Phil Holland and Eric Weidt (Mindhunter) that contain no conversion of color space or linearity, meaning that they can be used in both SDR and HDR workflows. The LUTs may be copied to a CFast card and imported into the Komodo or imported into the NLE of your choosing. Because they were tailor made for IPP2, unlike some LUTs and plugins we’ve tried, they do not pile on a truckload of contrast and saturation. Not all the LUTs may be to your liking, but you’re sure to find a few quite nice to work with. We used the Supercolor LUT, about which we were unable to find any documentation.

The Depth Map in Resolve Studio is a simple and effective way to create separation between the subject and background or to subdue distracting details. In this instance, the background elements were too bright, so we just brought the exposure down a bit. The effect is computationally intensive, taking over 30 minutes to finish rendering this 30-second clip with film grain and two compound clips and using up several GB of swap on our MacBook Pro with 32GB of unified memory. Playback speed was .5 FPS. The video we’re sharing shows how the depth map helped tone down things like the bright colors of the clothing behind the talent. You can download the video showing the depth map in action here.

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