MiniLED Update

In November of last year, LED Inside published a “Summary of 34 Mini LED Notebooks/TVs/Monitors Available in the Market”, along with resolution, size, number of dimming zones, release date and price (2019-2021). According to a report by Display Supply Chain Consultants, for Q4 2021, Apple sold more MacBook Pros with Liquid Retina XDR display than all OLED laptops combined – and the miniLED displays released by Apple, Asus and TCL sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Apple will be releasing a 27” mini LED display in Q1 2023. Back in March, Ross said the new monitor would have around twice as many MiniLED zones and >7X more LEDs as the current XDR display (double that of most other 27” mini-LED monitors), which, to us is huge, but whose significance seems to have all but escaped those reporting on the rumored display. Setting aside heat dissipation, power consumption, etc., a larger number of zones is always preferable and the number of zones in miniLED panels is expected to reach as many as 3,000 in the future. Yet, many of the comments and retweets are concerned only with 120Hz refresh rate, a better camera and of course, price. In our humble opinion, it is LCD technology, not OLED, that holds the greatest promise (though we confess that the two-stack tandem OLED with twice the brightness and quadruple the lifespan that Apple is said to be considering for its next-gen iPads and MacBook Pros sounds awesome!).

MacBook Pros with XDR Display are currently selling at their lowest prices ever, with a fully spec’d machine (M1 Max 16″, 64GB Unified RAM, 8TB SSD) and AppleCare+ discounted $700 at B&H Photo. And here’s an updated list (Sept 2022) of miniLED monitors worldwide.

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