Ravengrade Film Emulations, Looks & Tools Plugin

The list of HDR WCG compatible film emulation LUTs and plugins is steadily growing, the most notable recent entry being Ravengrade from Lowepost, a DaVinci Resolve plugin created by an impressive roster of color scientists and colorists, including Mitch Bogdanowicz, Juan I. Cabrera, John Daro, Douglas Delaney, Florian Utsi Martin, Mark Todd Osborne and Bianca Rudolph.

First, the downsides: there’s no trial version, it’s a subscription-based model, sample footage and reviews are practically non-existent and documentation is rudimentary. On the plus side, the credentials of the creators are remarkable, several of the looks are said to have been used on a number of high-end productions, the plugin is uncomplicated to use but has a wealth of sliders in the control panel to achieve the desired look and there are three color management configurations available: rec.709, which lets Ravengrade handle it for you, RCM or ACES. And perhaps most importantly, the Standard version is not going to cost you one of your kidneys.

The Standard version, which includes the Cinelook Plugin and Mira PowerGrades, features free updates, free support and is compatible with Mac, Win and Linux runs $129 per user, with renewals costing $69/year. The Complete package includes CineLook, Daro Cinema Looks, MIRA, and Master Tone, a plugin with tone curve adjustments, features access to future product releases, free updates, Mac, Win and Linux compatibility and free support and runs $249 per user, with renewals for $129/year.

Visit the Ravengrade website to learn more.

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