Comprehensive Workflow: Sony a7s III S-Log3 HDR 10 in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 (Part V)

Part I: Project settings Part II: Color correction Part III: HDR Palette, project render settings Part IV: RAW Part V: The Grade Part VI: Addendum Stuff we’re doing differently now from the past: during shooting, avoiding yellow in false color entirely except for specular highlights (aside from the infrequent occasions when we want to purposely blow out highlights); in… Read More

John Brawley: No Product Placement on The Morning Show

John Brawley, Director of Photography on season 2 of The Morning Show, in response to the Wall Street Journal’s examination of product placement in over 74 episodes of ‌Apple TV+‌ shows, including Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, and Trying, insists that “Apple don’t dictate product placements”, maintaining that there’s no product placement whatsoever… Read More

FSI to Release 5,000 Nit Mastering Monitor This Fall

FSI will be releasing the XM312U this fall – a 5,000 nit mastering monitor with 2,300 individually controlled LED backlight zones and priced at $22,000. It appears that we’ll be reaching the dizzying 10,000 nit peak brightness of PQ HDR sooner than most people think. Keep in mind though, that with PQ HDR, anything above 100-200… Read More

HDR vs. SDR Contrast Ratios

Rory Gordon, Senior Colorist at ArsenalFX Color, during a presentation at a 2019 SMPTE conference entitled “Beyond Better Pixels: How HDR Perceptually and Emotionally Effects [sic] Storytelling”, used data gathered from her work as a colorist on over 35 episodes of HDR content to explore the psychological and emotional impact high dynamic range has on… Read More

Dehancer Lite 4.2.1 Film Emulation Plugin

Dehancer, an OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading and film effects in DaVinci Resolve, is compatible with macOS and Windows and comes in no fewer than eight flavors: a Pro and Lite version, as well as individual plugins for grain, bloom, breath (with gate weave), false colors, halation and a photo edition with a single frame per clip export limitation.… Read More

No More 23.98

A group of industry professionals spearheaded by JayDee Vandenberg, Director of Post Production at Walt Disney Animation Studios, is calling for the electronic display industry to begin to phase out support for fractional frame rates over time so that content can be displayed at its intended frame rate. According to the people behind the request,… Read More