Dehancer Print Film Profiles

Part I: The State of HDR Film Emulation LUTs Part II: Moving Beyond Traditional Film Print Emulation Part III: CineD Review of Dehancer Pro Part IV: Dehancer Print Film Profiles What’s new in Dehancer 5.0.0? DEHANCER PRO * Print profiles with Target White setting* Kodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profile* Kodak Professional Endura Glossy… Read More

Dehancer Pro: Reconciling Color Contrast And Tonal Contrast

Of the countless unique characteristics of traditional film, color contrast must surely rank as among the most distinctive. We’re talking here not about the orange/teal blockbuster look, but blue in the shadows and red tones in the mids and highlights. The Prokudin-Gorsky 1906 profile is just one of many in Dehancer Pro that displays this… Read More

No Metrics to Describe HDR WCG Displays

As today’s consumer displays can attain brightness levels up to fifteen times higher than legacy SDR screens, the traditional 2D color gamut diagram no longer suffices to characterize the behavior of displays, necessitating a third axis to describe luminance. Nevertheless, although color volume plays a far more important role in color reproduction in HDR than… Read More

HDR Notebooks to Flood Market

Following the praise lavished on Apple’s new MacBook Pro lineup featuring Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED displays, industry watchers are now betting on rivals sitting up, taking notice and following suit, increasingly incorporating either OLED or mini-LED displays in their own notebooks. This can only be a good thing, as the 270m notebook market lags deplorably… Read More

Colorist: MacBook Pro XDR Display Is Cheap Walmart Trash

In a forum thread about the new MacBook Pros, sleazy BMD contributor and colorist Marc Wielage compares Apple’s marvelous new Liquid Retina XDR miniLED display to dime-store garbage, saying, without a hint of irony: “I can add to this discussion by saying I got the new MacBook Pro M1 Max about 3 days ago and it’s been great… Read More

BenQ Ambassador: Apple Displays Are Going to Be the Standard Going Forward

While calibrating a new MacBook Pro with miniLED display, BenQ ambassador Art Suwansang says, “A few things I wanted to share while this is flashing all these different cool amazing colors is that the way how the display behaves when you change into different reference modes is very similar to that of a hardware calibrated… Read More