Improving Site Usability

I’ve been going through a lot of different themes and trying to organize the site so it’s as clutter-free and usable as possible, including eliminating all the distracting widgets in the right sidebar and adding category menus for quick navigation of the blog. I’m also slowly going through my old posts, particularly the post-production workflows… Read More

Free Downloadable a7s III HDR Footage!

Shot with the Sigma FE 85mm f/1.4 DG DN, the sharpest 85mm lens in the E-mount system, with incredible autofocus speed and accuracy and recorded in 4K ALL-I, the highest quality, least compressed internal codec of the a7s III, and the gold standard for digital cinema. It will play smoothly on many computers even without transcoding.… Read More

Atomos Ninja V Broken? Follow-Up

Atomos responded quickly to my questions about the exposure tools and gamut being recorded with the Ninja V. Unfortunately, they couldn’t explain the zebra behavior, but they did assure me that the Ninja V records ProRes RAW as S-Gamut3, which is a relief! At least, that’s how I interpret their remarks, which were a little… Read More

Ninja V Broken

From what I can tell, Ninja V exposure tools aren’t working properly. Additionally, Final Cut Pro reads ProRes RAW as S-Gamut3, whereas the Ninja V says it’s being recorded as S-Gamut3.cine. If the files are indeed S-Gamut3.cine, that means hours of extra rendering time for projects. Edit: Atomos responded quickly to my questions. Here’s the… Read More