My Response to a Vietnamese Who Claims the Government Is Lying About the Number of Coronavirus Cases

Firstly, if you actually were Vietnamese, you’d know that Covid-19 testing is available in Vietnam. Even as far back as March, the ratio of 791 tests to every confirmed case was by far the highest in the world. Vietnam had conducted 275,000 COVID-19 tests as of May 12. Furthermore, any logical person would understand that if there were a raging pandemic in Vietnam, hospital beds would be full, people would practice social distancing and businesses would be closed. Not a single person I know has a family member, friend or acquaintance suffering from the disease. Nobody on social media either! Are you even capable of rational thought?

Think about it: there is mass media coverage of the pandemic in virtually every country on earth – none can hide the severity of the disease or its consequences. But you think Vietnam is more clever than the rest? wtf Or perhaps you think there is a conspiracy of silence on twitter, facebook, instagram, reddit, youtube and tiktok? Stop being a brainwashed sheep and think for yourself!

I trust the Vietnamese government to take swift and decisive action against the pandemic more than your white nationalist friend Trump and his criminal administration.

Testing and treatment are free here – in America, millions will go bankrupt and lose their homes because of medical debt and corruption in government. Even before the pandemic, 500,000 Americans declared bankruptcy each year because they could not pay their medical bills. Another 250,000 die yearly from medical mistakes – in the wealthiest country on earth! I’m guessing you’re also against universal health care because it’s ‘socialist’. You’re pathetic!

Whether a country is communist, socialist or capitalist has little to do with anything – except we do know that two extreme right wing countries in the Americas are among the hardest hit. That you think only capitalist countries tell the truth shows that you are brainwashed by the media.

All Vietnamese except you know there is no more virus here. I talk with them. I live with them. Not even the sizable community of right wing Trump-loving expats living here in Saigon thinks that the Vietnamese government is lying about the coronavirus or that cases are spiraling out of control.

At the same time, there’s no denying that most Vietnamese admire Trump because of his trade war with their enemy China – even though it’s the American people who are losing! What they fail to realize is that he has also placed huge tariffs on Vietnamese exports and is considering levying even more! Just because Trump dodged the draft doesn’t mean he is a friend of the Vietnamese. Trump has even said himself that Vietnam is worse than China! For what it’s worth, Trump has no allegiance to any country at all – shared history and common culture, ideology, respect for human rights or form of government mean absolutely nothing to him – he cares exclusively about countries that (a) suck up to him or (b) can be profitable to him personally or (c) have kompromat on him.

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