Beautiful Noise

“What I’m really liking in the latest RED sensors is that they have an aesthetic texture to the image noise which is so far from the objectionable “video” noise or the plastic look of a noise-reduced image.”  

– Graeme Nattress

There really is something about the noise from a RED sensor that is unlike any footage we’ve ever worked with before. The screen shots are from some RED KOMODO footage shared online and magnified 999% in DaVinci Resolve.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Noise

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  1. I just encountered a guy with a Red Komodo in holidays in Italy.
    I was surprised he had not any thing to keep it securely, no strap, nothing.
    RED cameras look nice.

      1. It was in of the villages of 5 Terre but I would not be confident with my hands as you say witch such an expensive camera.

        I also had the opportunity to try the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
        I think it will replace my 5 years old Samsung S8 in the next months.

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