Has anyone else seen this on a YT video before? 

Last month, The Verge wrote about the feature:

“YouTube’s introducing an “enhanced” 1080p HD video quality for Premium subscribers — but it’s only available on iOS for now, with the option coming to web soon. According to YouTube, the new 1080p Premium option is “an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p” that’s supposed to make things look crisper, particularly with videos heavy on detail and motion.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because YouTube started testing this feature earlier this year and had some worried that the company would nerf the existing 1080p option for nonsubscribers. Fortunately, the standard 1080p option isn’t going anywhere, not even for Premium members.

You’ll still get to use the standard 1080p option on videos (even the ones with 1080p Premium). Not all videos will have the 1080p Premium option, either, as YouTube says you won’t see it on videos uploaded at resolutions higher or lower than 1080p, Shorts, or in livestreams.”

We’d love to see higher bitrates for 4K HDR video, too.

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