Café S Revisited

Café S is not only one of the most idyllic coffee shops in a city that boasts thousands of cafés, it must also be one of the most photographed by visitors. For my second video, I arrived early in the morning, when the owner had just switched on the steam jets around the artificial stream that winds through the center of the first floor. I’d also tweaked the settings on my Panasonic camcorder, reducing the color saturation a notch. In previous videos, bright colors were disagreeably vivid. Skin tones and vegetation now look much more natural. I’m still exporting to QuickTime using x264 before uploading to YouTube, but while the colors are less washed out than with H.264, the excessive contrast is beginning to bother me. I’m going to have to experiment to see whether there isn’t some way to retain the color without losing so much shadow detail.

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