30/4 Park and Midlife Crisis

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.27.18 AMWhat I should be doing is working on a script. Instead, I just go out and shoot street life every weekend. I should find an assistant to handle sound recording. Instead, I use a microphone mounted on the camera. I’m sure I’ll sort it all out – eventually! Anyhow, I’d been shooting in and around the park for some six weeks and was struggling to come up with a way to tie all the shots together, when I came up with the idea of bookending the video with some live performances in the park. I managed to get some half a dozen different songs, none of them perfect, and now I’m wondering if the whole idea is lame or not. Perhaps I can find someone this weekend to help me do some talking heads interviews to round things out. At the very least, maybe I can come up with a voiceover commentary to talk about my experiences shooting on the streets of Saigon. I’m sure my insights would be riveting. My Blue Yeti USB microphone has been in storage for too long! Anyhow, here’s one of the takes. 

Technical Stuff
Camera: Lumix GH3, G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 lens, Tiffen ND filter
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro
Settings: 24p, Natural, -4, -4, -3, -5
LUT Utility Kodak 2393

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