Lumix GH4 Test: Faces II [Updated]

I wanted to get this up as soon as possible, so I’ll be adding more information about the clip at the beginning of next week. Here are the settings used for the test: C4K, Natural Picture Profile, Contrast -4, Sharpness -4, NR 0, Saturation -2, Luminance Level 0-255, ISO 200. Because I was carrying the camera every day during working hours, I couldn’t bring along my stabilizer, and since I’m a pretty shaky fellow, some of the shots are a bit wobbly. All but the first and second-to-last shots were taken with the Panasonic Vario 35-100mm f/2.8 lens. Only minor color corrections were made in post, like adding vignettes and boosting reds slightly in the shadows. When uploading to YouTube, the image becomes darker, more contrasty and reds are exaggerated, which can enhance some shots, such as lipstick and clothing, but which can also make mottled skin complexions appear even more splotchy. I welcome your comments.

[Update] I replaced the video with a new one with increased luminance and lowered red channel, which more closely matches the original clips.

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