Samsung P3 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

StorageReview-Samsung-P3-4TBThis is cool sh**. After spending USD $270  for the Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB and over USD $400 for the LaCie Rugged Raid 4TB, along comes Samsung with the largest capacity, portable, thin profile external hard drive known to man – the P3. And unbelievably, it also happens to be half the cost of the Seagate and nearly one-third that of the LaCie. Admittedly, it’s not RAID – the aforementioned drives are about twice as fast as the Samsung, clocking in at something like 240 MB/s – but for pure storage capacity on a budget, the Samsung is currently the market leader: and shaving off those extra pounds makes a huge difference to those lugging around a laptop with several hard drives in tow. As a comparison, the LaCie weighs in at around 2 pounds, while the Samsung is barely 1/2 pound. Of course, the LaCie boasts heavy-duty military grade robustness (supposedly, a one-ton car can drive over it with no more than cosmetic damage), something to consider when out in the field; but I’m not so sure it justifies the expense. The Samsung P3 4TB lists for $179.99 and is slated to hit retailers’ shelves sometime at the end of this month.

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