The Daejeon Chronicles Purchases First Video Lights!

den-led100wb-56-lishuai-5After some five or more years of shooting street life here and in South Korea, I’m getting burned out. I made the decision to start concentrating on doing short narrative films, vlogging and maybe even some fashion shoots instead. But in order to do that, I’ll need some nice video lights. Initially, I was going to pick up the Aputure Light Storm COB 120t for vlogging, since that’s what Hugh Brownstone of Three Blind Men and an Elephant uses, and I really like the soft light it produces. But the Aputure isn’t available in Vietnam, so I settled for the much less expensive Lishuai LED 100WB-56, which is essentially identical to a model of the same name distributed by Fotodiox in North America. It can be fitted with all kinds of accessories, den-led-c-700rsv-lishuai-1including softboxes and reflectors.

For use as a fill, background or hair light, as well as for supplementing outdoor ambient light, I chose the
Lishuai C-700RSV, a circular light only a few millimeters thick, which can be operated on mains or battery power. And unlike the 100WB-56, the color temperature can be adjusted as well.


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