At Last! Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN vs. Olympus 25mm f/1.2 PRO

It took days to finally get this one to upload, hope it was worth the wait. The Sigma 30mm is around a 65mm full-frame equivalent and the Olympus 25mm about 55mm full frame equivalent when shooting 4K with the Lumix G85, so it seemed natural to want to compare these two lenses. Aside from their focal lengths however, no two lenses could be more different from each other. The Olympus is practically all-metal construction, while the Sigma is pretty much all plastic. The former weighs in at little over 14 ounces, while the latter is barely over 9 ounces. The Olympus boasts 20 elements, the Sigma only 9. Then there’s perhaps the most decisive factor, price: the Sigma retails for a little over $300, the Olympus, $1,200. Is the Olympus $900 better than the Sigma? All clips shot in available light, light intensity and color sometimes changed during the shoot. I may do another test comparing the two lenses at their widest apertures and at longer distances in the near future.

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