Coming Soon: Is the X-Rite ColorChecker Worth Over $100?

On a side note, there’s a crapload of misinformation out there about Cinelike D, and from poring over the forums the past several years, it appears that Lumix users mostly choose to go with either Natural or Standard photo styles, or Vlog if they’ve got the GH4 or GH5. I myself had avoided Cinelike D because in the past, reviewers had said it was too orange, or it looked as though there was too much conflicting information on what the best settings were for contrast, saturation and so on, so I just stuck with Natural. Natural was also the profile of choice for those of us wanting to use many LUTs but didn’t have a log profile in camera. But Cinelike D has a significantly greater dynamic range than any of the other profiles save V-log, and it’s flat enough that there’s no need at all to reduce contrast in camera. As for whether or not you like the colors, if you set white balance correctly, you’ve got yourself a great starting point for grading or adding LUTs for the look you’re after. So, before you write off Cinelike D because of the lack of documentation online, or just because you read comments such as, “I like Natural better”, or “I like the work of X, Y or Z, and they shoot with Natural”, why not ask to see the work of those with the expert opinions? And for anyone still trying to decide whether to go with the G85 or save a few hundred dollars and get the GX85, I’d unhesitatingly recommend the G85.

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