Turn Your GX80 Into a Monster!

The first image is a grab from a GX80 using its Standard profile.

The second image is a grab from a GX80 that is definitely not using the Standard profile…….

So begins EOSHD forum member BTM_Pix’s post entitled, Would You Perhaps Be Interested In A Different GX80/85 Colour Profile???

For those who love the style, features and performance of the GX80 but wish it had greater dynamic range, BTM_Pix has shared a hack that will unleash the sleeping beast in that and possibly several other Panasonic cameras.

BTM_Pix writes:

So for anyone wanting to try this, I have made a really simple method to do it.

I have tested this numerous times on my GX80 and it has lived to tell the tale but obviously do this at your own risk.

All that this process does is fool the camera into thinking its talking to the smartphone app and then the commands it sends are exactly what the smartphone app sends. Or would do if the smartphone app thought it was talking to a camera equipped with Cinelike D !

So as such it is only getting sent what the Panasonic app would be sending to it so there are no hacky or sneaky debug things getting sent to it.

Again, though, proceed at your own risk.

Although I would say, if you’ve tried that region switching hack on YouTube with the 10 million key press combos during power up then you’re already brave enough to try this!

Bear in mind that my unit is a GX80 and the firmware is version 1.0.

If you have a GX85 or have got a different firmware then I just don’t know because obviously I haven’t got any other devices to test it on.
Here we go then….

Follow these instructions exactly and you should have Cinelike D on your GX80/85.

You will need a laptop or a phone with a browser, the camera and to download the simple html file attached.

1) Switch on camera and turn on wifi as though you were connecting the app and you should see the waiting screen on the camera
2) Load the Deploy Cinelike D.html file into your browser
3) Select ‘Handshake’
4) You should see the browser page change and it confirm that its connected to a GX80
5) Hit the back key on the browser
6) Select ‘Connect’
7) You should see the browser page change to say ‘ok’ and the camera give you an ‘Under Remote Control’ message
8) Wait until the camera screen shows you a live view
9) Hit the back key on the browser
10) Select ‘Deploy’
11) You should see the browser page change to say ‘ok’ and the camera should NOT now be displaying the Photo Style you had selected (i.e. Standard, Vivid etc)
12) Cinelike D is now active on the camera
13) If you go into the menu on the camera and select Photo Style you will see that it is blank and you can’t navigate to other Photo Styles such as Standard etc.
14) To restore the Photo Styles hit the back button on the browser and select ‘Restore’ and the camera will display the Standard photo style and you should then be able to go into Photo Styles and change them.
15) Repeat 9-14 to switch between them to your hearts content!

So, like other settings, the Cinelike D profile will persist when you switch the camera off so if you want to use the other Photo Styles again then you MUST go this process again to re-enable them.

However, if you would like to switch between them without using this method again (and who wouldn’t) here is a neat way round it.

When you’ve done Step 12 and got Cinelike D on, set all your other parameters (4K24p etc) as you’d like them and save these into C1 of the custom settings.

Then go to Step 14 and use the ‘Restore’ to get your standard Photo Styles back, set all your other parameters (4K24p etc) as you’d like them and then save these into C2 of the custom settings.

Now when you switch the camera on, you simply choose C1 to have Cinelike D or C2 for the standard Photo Styles and forget about using any nonsense about using browsers and wifi connections!

In couple of weeks I’m hoping to show you how you can do stuff like this and some other useful bits and pieces from a little hardware gadget that will work on the Panasonic cameras but have fun with this in the meantime.


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