Tuba Cage PA-1, Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, BMD Video Assist

We’re up to six pounds already…

Anyhow, the past couple of weeks or so have been pretty crazy… what with my RodeLink malfunctioning (I think the micron adapter needs replacing, it’s still in the shop), LUT Utility suddenly showing watermarks in FCP (I had to delete the plug-in, download and reinstall), then not being able to recover the AF Lock feature on my G85 after someone had changed my settings in the menu. I’ve still only played with the camera a bit since getting the cage and monitor, and I only just bought an SD card yesterday, so I still haven’t seen how the footage looks. I was disappointed to learn that the big summer update adding scopes to the BMD Video Assist 4K did not apply to their 5″ HD monitor. Just the same, it’s great being able to install LUTs on the monitor, and I’ve never had any difficulty nailing exposure with only a histogram and zebras. I think it’s going to be clumsy pressing buttons and turning dials for a while until I get used to everything. The next big thing is a shoulder rig for sure. Ideally for this sort of setup, I suppose some cine lenses and a follow focus would be in order? This is getting out of hand, no?

I might have written before that I’d had it with shooting streetlife, but on a recent trip to the Central Highlands, I realized that Mien Dong bus terminal, the busiest in Saigon, would be a fascinating place to shoot. It’s thrilling in the same way some Indian films I’ve seen portray street life, like Kahanni – just total chaos and hordes of people. Plus it’ll give me a chance to use my second favorite lens, the Oly 75mm f/1.8. I’m told the station is dangerous though.

[update, 26.08.2017] I went to Mien Dong bus terminal last week, but was prevented from shooting video at the station by security.

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