Six a7 III YouTubers Compared

I’ve said before that one of the chief reasons I deliberated so long and hard before purchasing the Sony a7 III was the prevailing idea that Sony’s skin tones were dreadful; and little I’d seen on the Web persuaded me otherwise. And while Tony Northrup did a good job debunking the myth about poor Sony color science, filmmakers don’t often base their purchasing decisions on polls – they want to see actual footage. Below are screen grabs from six popular Sony YouTubers, most of which suffer from one or more of the following: unusual skin tones ranging from cyan to magenta to orange; atrocious smearing of detail or texture; little to no tints of color in the skin; or aggressively flat lighting on the faces reminiscent of early television. Of the ones I’ve selected, I prefer YCImaging’s the most: he’s got dramatic lighting that shapes the face and provides some contrast with the background; the skin tones are pleasing; and there’s adequate detail and texture.

Chris Brockhurst
Daniel Schiffer
Jason Vong
Max Yuryev
Sidney Diongzon

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