Canon Capitulates

In online forums, not a few commenters insist that Sony must answer promptly to Canon’s $1,299 crippled entry-level full frame mirrorless camera. But the very idea that Sony needs to respond to the EOS RP is absurd when you take a moment to think about it.

Can you imagine Sony releasing a plastic-fantastic full frame body with a four year-old sensor with two stops less low light ability, no weather sealing, no 1080p 120fps, no HD 24p, 1.74X crop in 4K, 3fps burst rate, no IBIS, an inability to shoot 1080p when an APS-C lens is attached, no face detect AF in 4K, single card slot, crappy low life battery and on and on in the year 2019?

Trolls would have a field day. Sony would become the laughingstock of the photographic community. Reviewers would suspect Sony management of having lost their minds and agonize over the company’s prospects. But at least buyers would have dozens of native mount consumer grade lenses to choose from. 😂 The notion that Sony needs to respond by slashing the price of the a7 III to $1,500 is more absurd yet. Unable to compete with Sony’s technological superiority, Canon reacted with a show of weakness, not strength.

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