The Canon R5 Is On My Radar

As a videographer, the R5 has me intrigued: flippy screen, great ergos, 10-bit log, Canon color, Dual Pixel AF, IBIS, internal RAW, outstanding lenses, UHD 120fps, along with an ND filter adapter for EF lenses, a huge one for filmmakers… Even more so, as Canon’s knocked it out of the ballpark with their recent releases, the C300 Mark III, C500 Mark II and 1D X Mark III.

Nearly every one of Sony’s competitors is offering RAW and 10-bit 4:2:2 as an option, either internally or with the Ninja V, but each comes with their own quirks. Taking them one by one, Nikon Z ProRes RAW is line skipped or pixel binned, and there are no profiles for it in the NLE, so no go. Panasonic’s S1H is huge, pricey and has poor AF. But without question, it’s got the best video tools of any mirrorless camera bar none, including scopes, anamorphic desqueeze and full HDMI out just for starters. The Sigma fp’s tiny form factor, poor AF, no IBIS and lack of internal log are enough to make me avoid this one, though it’s really a bold move by Sigma. Unfortunately too, it extracts 4K RAW from its 6K sensor, which is not what photographers or filmmakers customarily understand by the term RAW. Still, the images I’ve seen out of this tiny marvel are insanely good! Among crop sensor bodies, the Blackmagic Pocket 6K ticks most of the boxes – especially BRAW – but no AF to speak of and no IBIS is a bummer.

The Z Cam options are looking appealing… But the real issue with the Nikon Z, Panasonic S1H and Z Cam is that as of today, WB and ISO metadata that is in the files is not available in Final Cut for ProRes RAW, making it sort of not RAW at all – and I just switched over to DaVinci Resolve anyhow! 😅

I’m guessing R5 RAW metadata will be available in both Final Cut and Resolve. In fact, in their latest update, Blackmagic added faster metal decoding in Resolve for the upcoming R5. What’s not certain is whether the RAW files will be pixel-binned or line skipped – or neither. Oh, and did I mention internal RAW? I don’t want to be compelled to rig out my camera with thousands of dollars of bulky accessories just to shoot RAW: external recorder, cage, cables, batteries, SSD, articulating arms… To be honest, I’ve already got all that, but I’d have to buy a Ninja V when I’ve already splurged on a Shogun Inferno and Blackmagic Video Assist. Not to mention that most of these mirrorless cameras lose some of their features and functionality when recording RAW externally. Before anyone goes nuts on me, I’d be shooting mostly log, not 8K RAW! hehe

So both the R5 and R6 are definitely on my radar, especially as Sony is no longer prioritizing video.

Edit 26.06.2020: Sigma fp firmware update 2.0 adds BRAW and ProRes RAW when paired with an external recorder.

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