The iPhone 12 Pro Max as a Consumer Reference Monitor

Part I: The iPhone 12 Pro Max as a Consumer Reference Monitor

Part II: iPhone 12 Pro as a Consumer Reference Display (cont’d)

Part III: iOS Devices as Client Reference Monitors

Part IV: Consumer Displays: When Your Client is David Fincher

It’s industry practice for outfits like Technicolor to use OLED televisions as consumer reference displays when grading shows for streaming content providers, so why not? The picture quality of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is virtually perfect, making it ideal for checking how video graded on an LG OLED will look to your YouTube audience. In fact, the iPhone picture puts the LG CX to shame and I can’t recommend it highly enough to those considering making HDR videos for YouTube. In this episode, I also discuss Calman Portrait Displays calibration software, how Safari is the best web browser for viewing my HDR videos in SDR, adjusting color phase and hue to eliminate the green tint when custom white balancing while shooting S-Log3 with the a7s III and adding film grain to footage for a nicer look.

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