Sony Taking the Piss Out of a7s III Owners?

A DPReview forum member who goes by the user name of iirrbloss writes:

Got a newsletter from Atomos saying they’re working on FX3-support with wb/iso-support in FCPX. It’s almost like they’re mocking those who bought the A7SIII. Technically it should be the same firmware fix for both FX3 and A7SIII as the internals are the same more or less…

Only a few days ago, Atomos announced that the Alpha 1 would also be getting ProRes RAW with the ability to adjust white balance and ISO in Final Cut Pro.

3 thoughts on “Sony Taking the Piss Out of a7s III Owners?

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  1. We can imagine they will also add this for the A7SIII.
    Atomos must keep their recorder to a high end of functionnalities, especially since AppleM1 handles H265 without any problems.
    For me, AppleProRes was almost the only interest of their recorder. It’s not really needed anymore now with Apple M1 so they must add other functionnalities to keep people interested in their expensive recorders.

  2. Until now, I did not decided to buy it because the whole solution is expensive and not easy to take when going out and walking.
    – The AppleProRes vs H265 pain point is resolved with M1.
    – The internal 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2 point is already resolved by several cameras but quite expensive until now. I’m confident with an internal 4:2:2 not too much expensive camera in the next 12 months.
    – The screen size and resolution points may be the most difficult point but some solutions starts to come with some cameras (BlackMagic 6K Pro / C70, etc). Some others may come…

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