LG OLED.EX: Thinner, Brighter, Improved Picture Quality

LG Display announced a breakthrough in OLED TV technology set to begin production this year and which they are calling OLED.EX. According to the Korean manufacturer, deuterium compounds together with personalized algorithms that learn individual viewing patterns to more efficiently control the display’s energy input will enable an increase in brightness by as much as 30% while improving stability and picture quality. Panels 65” and larger will also be thinner. This means that as early as this year, we should start seeing TVs from LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips and others slowly inching toward the 1,000 nit peak brightness standard that few shows are actually mastered at and which until now has eluded most consumer OLED televisions. Or maybe not. That 30% increase in brightness could instead be used to boost APL while reducing ABL.

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