Frequent Blackmagic forum contributor John Brawley never tires of calling colleagues in the film industry shills and accusing RED of being unethical, but the DP prefers to downplay his role as official brand ambassador for a scandal-ridden conglomerate guilty of one of the worst cases of financial corruption Japan has ever known.

The Olympus scandal had developed into one of the biggest and longest-lived loss-concealing financial scandals in the history of corporate Japan; wiping 75–80% off the company’s stock market valuation and leading to the resignation of much of the board and investigations across Japan, the UK and US. – Wiki

Olympus Corporation was also fined $646 million dollars by the DOJ for paying kickbacks to hospitals and doctors to buy its products, the largest total amount paid in U.S. history for violations involving the Anti-Kickback Statute by a medical device company. Say what you will about RED, Brawley – at least it’s not an incorrigible criminal enterprise with ties to the Yakuza.

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  1. If Olympus spent their money on R&D and not corruption maybe they would have cameras as well. But yeah RED and their patent for a internally recorded compressed raw is bullshit. RED has also filed lawsuits against LG for having the word infrared in their listing… InfraRED.

    For a company that sells a 20$ 1920×1200 monitor for 1400$USD I have lost almost any expectation of selflessness.

    1. Manufacturers aren’t selfless. If you want to talk about price gouging, RED’s competition sells RAW licenses for as much as $4,000 – and they also charge extra for full frame, anamorphic and high frame rate license keys. RED cameras shoot HFR, FF and RAW without any additional license. Other manufacturers’ media and accessories are expensive, too. Companies aren’t in it for charity. If you’re going to boycott every company that’s ever been involved in litigation, you’ll have to stop using every product on earth! Most of these companies that sue one another continue to have harmonious working relationships with each other, so why the hell should I care who took who to court? Internal RAW is overrated anyhow. An SSD will always be less expensive than CFexpress cards and an external monitor is required for the type of shooting I do anyhow. But over the next few years, we’ll see more and more manufacturers offering internal RAW for sure. I really dislike brand bashing and attacking filmmakers and YouTubers, which is practically all they do over at the cesspool that is the Blackmagic forum. Now, to correct some misinformation. To begin with, the SmallHD is decidedly not a cheap $20 monitor – not sure where you heard that from. It costs about as much as I paid for my iPhone, so not unreasonable if you ask me. Secondly, RED did not sue LG over the use of the word infraRED – the company sued over the use of the name Scarlet, the name of the company’s enormously popular cinema camera. LG had asked RED for permission to use the name and their request was denied, after which LG went ahead and used the name anyway. Lastly, if Apple with their $1 billion dollar war chest, an army of 500 attorneys and a patent tribunal all too eager to overturn patents couldn’t toss out RED’s patent, it is airtight, like it or not – which is to say, not BS.

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