Frequent Blackmagic forum contributor John Brawley never tires of calling colleagues in the film industry shills and accusing RED of being unethical, but the DP prefers to downplay his role as official brand ambassador for a scandal-ridden conglomerate guilty of one of the worst cases of financial corruption Japan has ever known. How is it that someone who pretends to be so concerned with corporate ethics can attach their name to a company involved in one of the biggest and longest-lived financial scandals in the history of corporate Japan – a workplace where corporate corruption is so ingrained that just five years ago it was ordered to pay a fine in connection with a scandal in the USA in which nearly $600 million was disbursed in the form of kickbacks, including grants, bribes, gifts, and other forms of payoffs?

The Olympus scandal had developed into one of the biggest and longest-lived loss-concealing financial scandals in the history of corporate Japan; wiping 75–80% off the company’s stock market valuation and leading to the resignation of much of the board and investigations across Japan, the UK and US. – Wiki

Olympus Corporation was also fined $646 million dollars by the DOJ for paying kickbacks to hospitals and doctors to buy its products, the largest total amount paid in U.S. history for violations involving the Anti-Kickback Statute by a medical device company. Say what you will about RED, Brawley – at least it’s not an incorrigible criminal enterprise with ties to the Yakuza.

“Holding up RED as an exemplar of an ethical company is only going to devalue your argument. Those of us that have first hand experience know otherwise, have been through it. I myself am subject to NDA’s from RED themselves. They use routinely use intimidation”. – John Brawley

Brawley’s the one doing the bullying, trashing his colleagues and attacking RED relentlessly and any manufacturer other than Olympus and Blackmagic, to the delight of his herd of worshippers over at the Blackmagic forum. No other DP we can think of spends all their waking hours spreading hatred and lies online as does Brawley. No other cinematographer we know of is so ignorant that their posts are riddled with misspellings, either. But ignorance and hate go hand in hand. Meanwhile, Brawley wants us to believe he’s the victim.

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