Peter and Amanda

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      1. I’m not lying when I say this, it’s his and couple other’s videos where on mobile I have to check whether the video is in HDR as the saturation pops and looks so much brighter. I have no clue how they do it. I am often Guilty of not pushing my footage far enough to stand out.

      2. Level with me jonpais, seriously. It’s not just me? DPreview their videos are graded by one of the two, Jordan Drake. Every episode no matter overcast, inside or sunny it always ends up looking the same. Drab. Boring. Grey. This man has a decade of experience in editing and grading videos for The Camera Store and to DPreview TV.

        When you look at what they have in their disposal to shoot and how every episode has a preword of what it was shot with, it looks like every episode is the same looking, you know? No matter the camera it just looks the same to me. I have seen more saturation and look carry over from my shoots when I paste a Nikon N-log to REC709 LUT to my 10bit 422 footage LOL.

        Check this video and look at his shirt:

        the blue and the purple just pops. Compare this with DPreview’s color schema and tell me they’re the same.

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