Why We No Longer Make Recommendations for Hybrid Shooters

This comment by a frustrated reader over at DPReview that we just came across illustrates why we no longer make recommendations for those wanting to use a hybrid camera for both stills photography and video. There are just too many features, like burst rates, pixel shift, auto bracketing, EVF resolution, stills RAW formats and dozens more, that we simply don’t consider when shopping for a video camera and that we usually gloss over when reading camera reviews. Of all the drawbacks mentioned in the comment, the low resolution LCD is probably the only one that would give us pause. Not mentioned by the author is the inability to shoot ProRes RAW and the lack of a full sized HDMI port, features we regard as indispensable for video but which most photographers can live without and whose absence doesn’t even appear to annoy many hybrid video shooters. It seems like the more capable the camera is for stills photography, the more compromises you’ve got to be prepared to accept on the video end, even when it comes to a camera as good as the EOS R5 C, which is just one reason we’re leaning toward the EOS C70.

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