Easiest Way to Fix Skin Tones in DaVinci Resolve

We’ve squandered years watching useless YouTube tutorials on balancing shots and correcting skin tones, futzing around with the color wheels, power masks and hue versus hue, but it’s always taken forever, we were always guessing and we were never completely satisfied with the results. So here’s what we’re doing now – it’s completely predictable, repeatable and the results are pretty much instantaneous. First, we go into Offset and have a look at the vectorscope (it’s nearly always leaning toward green); then, we nudge the green channel over until the vectorscope is close to sitting directly on the skin tone line; and lastly, we gently nudge the blue channel a touch until we’re happy. An even faster method is to activate the Hotkeys menu in the Color pull-down menu and balancing with a numeric keypad, if you’ve got one. There’s no quicker way to balance a shot than this.

1. Open Primaries – Color Bars
2. Nudge the green or red channel until the vectorscope sits on the skin tone line.
3. Adjust the blue channel, keeping an eye on both the vectorscope and the image on your calibrated display.

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