Judder vs. Luminance

Conundrum. The chart plots judder equivalence vs. luminance for various panning speeds, demonstrating how motion artifacts like judder are exacerbated when shooting high contrast images in HDR, the takeaway being to pan more slowly if you intend to deliver in HDR. At the same time, because of their nearly instantaneous response times, OLED panels are extremely prone to stutter, an artifact that also makes the image look jerky and which just so happens to be most visible in slow panning shots with low frame rate content (e.g. 24p). You can’t win!

Judder Equivalence vs. Luminance for Various Camera Pan Speeds

“Feedback from industry professionals shows that a commonly used technique to combat judder introduced by increased brightness in novel displays consists of simply reducing content brightness during grading, which is undesirable”. – Dolby Laboratories, USA. It’s often the case in fast-paced action sequences that contrasty lighting is used to heighten the effect, such as in the very first fight scene of the dreadful Netflix comedy Day Shift, where the character played by Jamie Foxx is pitted against a grandma vampire.

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