Kolari Pro 3-Stop ND Filter Test

We just finished doing a quick & dirty test of the Kolari Pro 3-Stop ND screw-on filter. Screenshot #1 was auto white balanced with no filter; #2 is the same white balance, only with the Kolari ND3 filter; #3 was white balanced with the ND3 filter in place. While all land directly on the skin tone line, there are appreciable color differences between the three clips and the Kolari cannot be called neutral by any stretch of the imagination. Video coming soon.

AWB no filter
Kolari Pro 3-Stop ND filter, same WB as above
White balanced with Kolari Pro 3-Stop ND filter in place

One thought on “Kolari Pro 3-Stop ND Filter Test

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  1. We can conclude that none of the brand that announce their filters to be neutral are fair.
    However, it would be worse with variable ND, at least I was never satisfied by them, even if it’s very practical.

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