SmallHD Rolls Out PageOS 5

SmallHD’s PageOS 5 firmware update adds some seriously impressive features, among them a much more useful exposure tool and tetrahedral LUT interpolation.

Ed Lachman’s EL Zone

All SmallHD monitors running PageOS 5 will be the first in the industry to offer EL Zone as an intuitive means of quickly assessing exposure via a false color overlay. Developed by acclaimed cinematographer Ed Lachman, ASC, EL Zone works like a full-screen light meter, by representing steps above and below 18% gray in stops, rather than IRE percentages. Sensor data from the camera provides an instant reference point, allowing for a more accurate and intuitive process that will feel completely familiar to any cinematographer.

Tetrahedral LUT interpolation will also be available on all monitor series, allowing for more accurate LUT rendition when displaying HDR. Additionally, a digital horizon indicator will be available for all devices, a feature that Steadicam operators have long requested. – source

IRE is a relative scale based on the output range sent to a display, and does not necessarily reflect lightness values in the digital file. –

Tetrahedral LUT interpolation is a step in the right direction, but HDR LUTs still have a long way to go before they can achieve comparably error-free 3D LUTs like those used for SDR, as we’ve written about here.

Traditional false color overlay based on IRE values
EL Zone in increments representing stops above and below middle gray

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