Enable RGB 4:4:4 On LG CX

Both DaVinci Resolve and Dolby Vision certified trainers insist on full data levels for HDR video monitoring and delivery. Here’s how to set up your LG CX.

1. Settings > All Settings > Additional Settings
2. HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour
3. Assign to input
4. Go to Home Dashboard
5. Gear icon > Edit
6. Click on icon of desired HDMI input
7. Scroll down pop-up window and select PC
8. PC selected
9. Save selection
10. Save changes
11.In Picture Mode settings, select Cinema
12. On the Master Settings page of DaVinci Resolve Studio, select Full Data Levels
13. Go to Deliver page > Data Levels > Auto

Double-check to confirm that you’ve disabled motion eye care, sharpening, TruMotion and other enhancements.

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