Cinematographers on HDR

Match the quotes to the DP

  1. “[HDR is] a dream for any cinematographer, any creator of images… I think every cinematographer will have an interest in high dynamic range, because it’s the way that we want to capture images, so later we can do whatever we want in [digital color grading]. We need all the information that is captured by the camera.” “That’s something that we don’t have right now. We are living in what I would call ‘the gap.’ We have all these new instruments, and they are fantastic, but they are not really capturing what I was used to capturing with a [film] negative. So if I could capture [and project] that, or more, I would be incredibly excited.”
  2. “I must say it’s pretty exciting. To see the film in high-dynamic range is amazing. You see the richness of the highlights and lowlights; it’s very beautiful. For screen, we did a version – and I don’t know if they’re going to project with this – that’s Dolby Vision, similar to HDR but for the cinema. It’s amazing. I think those are my favorite versions. You really get the rich, deep blacks and the highlights have much more detail.”
  3. “I am not a fan of HDR at all.”
  4. “I think cinematographers have always advocated for a better experience for the audience, whether it’s fast film stocks with tighter grain, better projection technology, or higher quality digital-capture and display technologies. “HDR is just another step in that direction. Standard-dynamic-range video distribution can only show a narrow exposure band of the modern digital sensor’s dynamic range. The opportunity to use more of the sensor’s range when we want to is a very exciting development.”

a. Erik Messerschmidt

b. Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki

c. Roger Deakins

d. Rodrigo Prieto

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