Michael Zink

You might well wonder how one mortal could possibly wear so many hats, but Michael Zink is Vice President, Emerging Technologies at WarnerMedia, President & Chairman @ UHD Alliance, Education Vice President @ SMPTE, and Co-Chair, UHDTV Committee, Motion Imaging Technology Council (MITC) of the American Society of Cinematographers. In other words, he’s someone worth listening to!

Contents: 00:00:00 – Intro & Credits 00:01:34 – Michael’s role at Warner 00:07:27 – Do directors value wide color gamut reproduction capability?  00:09:48 – Colors in outer space 00:11:25 – Do CGI and animation create more demands on display? 00:12:50 – Does Hollywood want 10,000 nits?  00:14:35 – 8K vs 4K 00:20:06 – Color accuracy to studios 00:20:55 – The importance of tone mapping 00:21:34 – Increasing bit depth and frame rate 00:23:58 – What’s important to a filmmaker? 00:25:00 – The most demanding content for displays 00:25:25 – The Great Gatsby’s firework scene 00:26:02 – Inside Out’s birth scene 00:27:05 – Is high luminance needed for larger portions of the screen?  00:30:38 – Are bright whites for highlights enough? 00:32:07 – All about metadata 00:37:00 – “On the Calculation and Usage of HDR Static Content Metadata”  00:40:10 – Don’t ignore metadata 00:42:33 – About the UHDA 00:45:15 – Filmmaker mode 00:54:05 – A call to action to the display industry 00:54:57 – Outro & Credits

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