Coming Soon!

  1. The video of Ha at the restaurant shot with the Komdo on the DJI RS3 Pro looked a bit shaky, so we might have a go at stabilizing the footage with Gyroflow and share the results.
  2. Since the trial version of Assimilate Player Pro Studio has unlocked CinemaDNG, we may test it out with some a7s III clips and report back with our findings (that is, how it compares with Nikolaj Pognerebko’s now irrelevant RAW Convertor).
  3. A while back, we made a comparison video between REDCODE RAW HQ and ELQ, but now that we’ve got the Great Joy 85mm T2.9, we should repeat the test, since anamorphic really crops in on the sensor. The image is noticeably noisier and the data rate is lower, so it will be interesting to see whether ELQ is even acceptable for YouTube.
  4. We chatted with Charles Fréville, the talented colorist who worked on season 2 of the Netflix crime series Ganglands (Braqueurs) and learned some surprising things. The conversation was mostly in French, so you might have to use Google translate!
  5. And of course, we’re always combing through research papers to share information that isn’t found anywhere else on the Internet!

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