Steven Robertson: Don’t Use HDR Reference Mode On MacBook Pro

Steven Robertson, a software engineer at Google, offers up an irreverent, unique and often funny perspective on HDR, with an emphasis on UGC rather than multi-million dollar productions.

Just one example:

“We suspect that most of our audience who’s going to be trying to grade HDR for the first time is going to be on a MacBook Pro with an XDR display. It’s amazing that such a powerful tool is so widely available, so well done Apple on that one. That tool has modes. We recommend leaving it in its default mode [Pro Display XDR (P3-1600 nits)], which enables the display mapping we talked about earlier. That means it’ll look more correct in a wider variety of viewing conditions. There is a reference mode [HDR Video (P3-ST2084)] and you can choose it, but only do this if you’re in a controlled viewing environment that matches the reference standard. You don’t have that, I promise. The only color suite I have ever seen get this right is at Disney. If you’re Disney, well done. Otherwise, leave it here, cowboy.”

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