LG C3 4:4:4 Pass Through: No Longer Necessary To Go Through Convoluted Process of Enabling PC Mode

While testing out the new LG C3, Vincent Teoh discovered that enabling 4:4:4 pass-through has been simplified with the latest lineup of LG OLEDs. It’s recommended to use 4:4:4 pass-through when grading HDR content.

“Delving into the user menu, I saw a number of changes from what’s found on last year’s LG C2. One, if you go into the general submenu, scroll down and click on external devices, then click on HDMI settings, there is now a new 4:4:4 pass-through setting to reproduce full 4:4:4 chroma for playing games, especially on PC, so you no longer need to go through the convoluted process of enabling PC mode by labeling the HDMI port as PC. Note that with 4:4:4 pass through engaged, a large chunk of picture settings will become grayed out and unadjustable, such as the contrast and black level settings in the brightness submenu, the color setting and the color management system in the color sub menu, as well as every setting, including noise reduction and Trumotion in the clarity submenu. Fortunately, you can still adjust the color temperature together with two point white balance controls to obtain D65 white point. Also, it is important to remember that switching on 4:4:4 pass-through for the first time is like selecting a new untouched picture preset from scratch, so you will have to redo all your settings, including changing the default auto power save picture preset to game optimizer mode and disabling the energy saving setting.” – Vincent Teoh, HDTVTest

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