LG prevents users from disabling auto-dimming on 2023 OLED TVs

According to Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest fame, LG has changed the service menu interface on its 2023 OLED TVs, including the C3 and G3, and not for the better. Consequently, it is no longer possible to disable the TPC and GSR auto-dimming algorithms. TPC gradually dims down the picture on static scenes and scenes where the APL is unchanging in order to reduce the risk of burn-in, while GSR is a logo detection dimming algorithm. On previous LG OLEDs, it was possible to purchase a service remote on Amazon or eBay, enter a four-digit code, and in the service menu, disable TPC and GSR, but this option is no longer available. Apparently, this capability will only be available to LG’s partners in Hollywood Studios who need to disable auto-dimming on LG OLED TVs used as client reference monitors, not to regular consumers, many of whom use LG OLEDs in post-production because of their picture accuracy.

LG C2 service menu showing TPC and GSR, which can be disabled by the user. This option is no longer available to consumers who purchase an LG OLED as of 2023.

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