LG Releases Fix For C3 and G3 OLED TV Auto-Dimming. Don’t Rejoice Just Yet.

Just five days ago, HDTVTest was the first to report that LG had overhauled the service menu on their 2023 lineup of OLED TVs, preventing consumers from disabling TPC and GSR in order to stop unnecessary auto-dimming. In response to HDTVTest’s video, as well as to outcry from the online community, LG hastily released a firmware update addressing auto-dimming on their C3 and G3 models. Vincent Teoh shares his findings after testing the C3 and G3 OLEDs with the new FW update installed:

‘Static images would still dim down over time to reduce the risk of OLED burn-in, but moving video content, even extremely dark ones in HDR whose APL doesn’t change much, […] will no longer trigger the improved auto-dimming algorithm on the C3 or G3 OLEDs, as long as you install firmware 3.10.19, which LG is pushing over the air as a priority. This means that you won’t need to access the service menu to disable undesirable auto-dimming any more – not that the settings are there in the service menu of 2023 LG OLEDs anyway.”

Vincent Teoh, HDTVTest

The update will no doubt please those who purchase the televisions for viewing HDR content – but it also makes the TVs considerably less appealing to content creators who routinely use LG OLEDs for grading.

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