LG Display CTO: Luminance Is The First Priority

Reiji Asakura visited LG Display in Korea in September of last year and took the opportunity to ask CTO Yoon Soo-young whether he felt RGBW OLED was inferior to QD-OLED.

“The problem is not whether the light source is white or RGB, but whether the spectrum of light emitted from the display is finally the correct waveform. The point is that each waveform of RGB is formed sharply and how few extra side bands are. I think it can be fully realized with the white organic EL + color filter method.” 

“In actual images, there are few designs that require a wide color gamut like the BT.2020 color gamut. In our survey, 70% of the images of broadcast videos are distributed around white points and achromatic colors. In that sense, I don’t think it’s far inferior even in the current situation. The first thing to work on is to improve the brightness, and wide color gamut is the next step. I think the priority order is luminance” – Mr. Yoon Soo-young , Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, LG Display

Photo: Jack Holm

It’s not so much that RGBW OLED is unable to reproduce Rec.2020 – which professional colorists shun – but that it doesn’t even begin to approach industry standard P3-D65 ST2084. For example, while the LG CX measures 97% coverage of the P3 gamut, according to rtngs.com, actual coverage of the P3 1,000 nit color volume (which is what matters for HDR) is only 80%. For what it’s worth, when it comes to SDR, the overwhelming majority of grades are performed in Rec 709, the standard for broadcast TV – even when the film is destined for digital cinema! In the photo above, you can see that the P3 1,000 nit color volume that most HDR content is mastered to is four times larger than SDR, while Rec.2020 10,000 nits is twice as large as P3 1,000 nits.

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