Familiarity with HDR may increase appetite for greater luminance

“The average observer preference for dark luminance is 0.1 cd/m2 and diffusive white luminance 650cd/m2 (contrast of 6500:1). Note that state-of-the-art consumer TVs exhibit a peak luminance and contrast range close to the average observer preference. However, the 90-percentile observer preferred a dark luminance of 0.005 cd/m2 and a diffusive luminance of 3 800 cd/m2 (contrast 760 000:1). This range is orders of magnitude larger than state-of-the-art displays.

For the study on luminance of image highlight (specular reflections and emissive sources), the average observer preference was 4 000 cd/m2 , however considerable interstimuli variation was observed. The preference ranged from about 18000 cd/m2 to 1400 cd/m2. In an analysis on the subject demographics, it was revealed that users’ experienced with HDR technology preferred a diffuse luminance more than twice as high as the naïve observer (Daly et al., 2013b). This may suggest that as users become familiar with HDR technology, the luminance preference may increase.” – High Dynamic Range Displays, Martin Hammer

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