Why a 10% test pattern is so signifcant

The luminance just falls off a cliff beyond the 10% window on this display, so it must be useless for grading HDR, right? Actually, it’s still used to this day by LA-based post-production houses and around the world for mastering shows for Amazon, Netflix, Disney et al. 

Read on.

Photo: Brian Florian

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  1. Hi jonpais ,

    I posted this on a bunch of groups on FB, so I just wanted to pass this along in case you’d like to post about this on your website for your readers.

    Below is the post.

    All my best, Rob

    Wanted to post about this great intro primer/tutorial by Kasia Jarco on the new “Relight” plugin in Resolve 18.5 Beta for anyone that hasn’t come across it ….

    Cheers! ❤🎨

    #davinciresolve #colorgrading #hdr #colorcorrection #blackmagicdesign #film #streamingmedia #internationalcoloristacademy #calman #lightillusion #postproduction #coloristmixer #cinematography


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