Why We Got Rid Of The Asus PA32UCX

Re-reading an article we’d written back in 2019, we were reminded of just one of the reasons we ditched the Asus PA32UCX – it was impossible to find an affordable way to calibrate the thing. In 2020, Calman would at last release their own 3D LUT calibration, but at the time, it was for Rec.709 only and the software cost $2.,000 – $3,000! In their review of the monitor, the German website Prad.de wrote that hardware calibration was unpredictable and noted that the color temperature would drift even hours after allowing the monitor to warm up. It also exhibited other strange behavior:

Unfortunately, the PA32UCX has further deficits in terms of color accuracy, as various functions in the OSD also lead to unexpected changes. For example, if you turn on “MotionSync” additionally, the brightness incomprehensibly increases to 160 cd/m2and the color temperature drops again to only 6052 K. After switching off again, the color temperature has dropped from 6411 K to 6187 K. It became even clearer after we had used the HDR HLG preset for a maximum of 15 minutes and returned to the calibrated standard mode. The color temperature was now 7007 K and the brightness only 124 cd/m2.


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