Cognitive Dissonance & Sony Fanboys

While it may be difficult to believe, many in the online community bristle at the very idea of adding video features to Sony cameras, preferring instead that Sony remove any and all video capabilities whatsoever from their mirrorless bodies. Any mention of the word ‘hybrid’ makes these fanboys quake in their penny loafers. Just four months ago, as Sony was quietly preparing to launch their most video-centric and most eagerly anticipated mirrorless camera to date, one of these delusional fanboys was busy furiously typing away at his keyboard, dismissing any notion of Sony taking their video quality to the next level.

Note that while this intellectually stunted biped points out that there is no mention of high video quality in the five fundamentals, neither is there any singling out of stills quality. What this cognitively challenged troll fails to understand is that image quality can refer both to stills and video capture. Long live hybrid cameras!

It takes a big man to admit when they’re wrong, and I confess to underestimating companies like Fuji and Canon, who’ve been killing it in video lately, when only a few years ago, it looked like Canon would continue to cripple video forever to protect their EOS cinema lineup; and I foolishly believed Fuji would listen to their rabid online fan base and never add video features. How mistaken I was!

[edit 27.08.2020] At the time of writing, I was unaware that Canon had once again used their notorious cripple hammer on the R5 and R6].

I turned 63 this year, but it’s really only over the course of the past three-and-a-half years that I’ve truly come to understand how these Neanderthals actually relish their own stupidity.

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